Hey! Looking for a twisty Edwardian romp of miscreant street kids solving the greatest mysteries of London after Sherlock’s death?
Look no further:
“Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Irregulars” just got published by Dramatic!




“The motley Irregulars courageously demonstrate their bravado when they assume Sherlock’s incomparable sleuthing skills, also stealing the audience’s hearts…  A reminder anyone can rise above their backgrounds and past, especially when someone respectable respects and trusts them”


“The story involves what the young see and the rest of us miss; how readily we underestimate and marginalize the poor; and how the friends we choose allow us to create new and often better families alongside those we inherit — building our own plot rather than following the twists and turns of the one in which we first find ourselves….   No matter how dire events become, the Irregulars brought light to the proceedings, crafting funny and individualized personalities.”

-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Fabulous… The Irregulars shine in this production.  Being children, they are accustomed to being disregarded by grown ups, but they are loyal to each other, to Holmes and to solving crime.  As they persevere on their mission, simultaneously assisting and avoiding detective Lestrade, they will make you laugh out loud along the way… ‘The game’s afoot’ – see it for yourselves!”

–Ozaukee Magazine

“The Baker Street Irregulars wield their blend of brains and moxie, kicking things off with a bang… a bold, fast paced adventure with plenty of action including a battle under the streets of London, and a chase on top of a moving train”

–Milwaukee 365

“The Irregulars are charming, funny, committed and interesting all night long…. A classic detective story with villains, cops, mistaken identities, subterfuge, heroic acts, dangerous situations, budding love stories and twists and turns galore.  The children in the audience were rapt on the edge of their seats”