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eric coble, playwright
eric coble, playwright5 days ago
I contend it is easier to cut 10 pages out of a 100-page play than it is to cut 2 pages out of a 24-page play.
If you've already written the draft as tight as you can with very specific rhythms, and you have a huge amount of story details to cover, plus allowing any character beats, plus allowing any time for dramatic moments to land...
But the scalpel has come out.
For the good of the whole, some great bits will vanish.
eric coble, playwright
eric coble, playwright1 week ago
A couple of years ago, Shandong Province Drama Company produced "The Dead Guy" ("死人") in China. They have now brought it back for a year-run.
No idea if they are using it to skewer U.S. culture or Chinese culture...
打破腿, 大家!
eric coble, playwright
eric coble, playwright2 weeks ago
Honored to be honored by this brilliant theatre dedicated to opening the youngest minds and hearts.
Hope to see some friends there!
eric coble, playwright
eric coble, playwright3 weeks ago
It's been a long time since I got to share a new grown-up play with Cleveland audiences!
And this is an amazing company I've been wanting to work with for years - I just finally wrote a play that fits their house style.
It's a Chekhovian comedy-drama about the end of multiple worlds.
eric coble, playwright
eric coble, playwright3 weeks ago
So every April the Dramatists Guild runs the "End Of Play" program encouraging writers to finish a draft within one month.
The kick-off event is the Write Fast evening, with established writers giving prompts to all who attend.
As of an hour ago, the moderator of the tonight's Write Fast kick-off has gotten terribly ill, and I'll be moderating the event.
Never done THIS before.
Wish me luck!