THE FAMILY CLAXON:  The perfect farce for the end of the world!
Andrew Claxon is throwing a party for Grandad Claxon’s 150th birthday as a last-ditch effort to finally get the higher-ups at his company to notice him. His plan might just work since Grandad IS the corporation’s founding father. If only Andrew’s wife can successfully navigate re-re-applying for her own job, and their daughter will stop mystery-posting, while neighbors desperately flood into their home because of nearby rampages and plumbing explosions. And did we mention the Guatemalan Flu that makes house pets spontaneously combust?
THE FAMILY CLAXON is an insane romp into the absurdity of life in our communally duct-taped home.

“A madcap mirror of our modern insane society as it rushes headlong into god knows what. The humor is machine-gun fire quick as social references are piled up on each other. At times, the audience barely has time to laugh as the next absurdity is revealed. In effect, you have a 1960s sitcom on crack.”     – Talkin’ Broadway

“Fierce and over-the-top from start to finish”    – Scene Magazine

“The best farces have something to say, social commentary hidden beneath slapstick looniness, like a clown armed with a live grenade. And when you see that the lunatic Claxon house is a metaphor for America – a place suddenly hostile to those in need, no matter how tired, hungry or poor… I think Krusty’s grenade just went Boom.”  – Cleveland Plain Dealer

““The Family Claxon” taps the familiar, battle-tested sitcom genre for the pet purpose of calling out Corporate America and its dismantling of the American Dream. And it does so in spectacularly intelligent and absurd fashion.”       – Cleveland Jewish News

“”This amusing pointed romp is concerned with greed and get-ahead-ism, but reserves a special enmity for the ruthlessness of the 21st-century corporation. And there are other things on Coble’s mind, including technology that allows us to live long past our “sell by” date, the pitfalls of living in a virtual world, our love of guns and healthy distrust of The Other – you know, just the current state of the American soul.”  
– Cleveland.com

“Hilarious, fun and full of energy, although in the age of Trump, maybe it hits a little too close to home.”
– Cool Cleveland