Some press…

American Theatre: “A Playwright to Watch:  An unqualified original with rich and idiosyncratic works… A spirit of playful invention pervades Coble’s repertoire”

New York Times: “Eric Coble’s hilariously funny, psychologically astute portraits hit home with rib-tickling acuity”

The New Yorker: “Coble’s work is a tour-de-force with physical and verbal comedy to spare”

New York Post: “Funnier than anything on Broadway”

Newsday: “Coble’s comedies are, of all things, genuinely funny”

Variety: “A tidy little gem of comic insanity.  A toy box of a script stuffed with nasty jokes and outrageous situations”

Newsweek: “An engaging theme, hilarious lines and provocative ideas”

Baltimore Sun: “Coble reveals considerable flair for creating interesting characters and giving them dialogue that sings and stings in equal measure.” “Vivid with brilliant imagery, big laughs, and a touching relationship that you won’t soon forget”

Denver Post: “A stomach-churning, belly-laugh roller coaster ride”

Arizona Republic: “Excellent.  Fast-moving and manages to evoke emotion without being maudlin”

Washington Times: “The laughs come early and often, the sight gags are priceless, and the brisk attitude is winning”

Los Angeles Times: “Adeptly lunatic… a hoot… a superior sitcom with a conscience”

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Eric Coble’s laugh-riot is a very clever satire of modern suburban parenthood”

Broadway World: “Coble’s script is wickedly funny and wonderfully touching”

Louisville Courier Journal: “Abounds with energy, humor, and provocative ideas”

TimeOut Chicago: “**** Coble’s gripping adaptation doesn’t pull any punches about the timeless struggle to balance freedom and security”

San Diego Union-Tribune: “A sharply funny satire… terrific”

Rocky Mountain News: “Sly and topical with a visceral edge that cuts close to the bone”

Houston Chronicle: “Coble’s zany satire boasts not only its share of bright ideas, but also frantically funny scenes”

Miami Life: “The entire audience was laughing hysterically… don’t miss this play”

The Examiner: “Coble’s writing is phenomenal. The characters are completely drawn and the dialogue is chock full of witticisms that mean something.”

L.A. Weekly: “Hilarious… Wonderful… GO!”

Cool Cleveland: “Coble  has the most astonishingly accurate – and wicked – eye and ear on society and it’s foibles of any current writer”

The Idaho Statesman: “Coble creates subtle and sincere characters that spar with wit and one-liners that stun because they’re so true”

DC Theatre Scene: “Coble isn’t just lobbing cultural grenades – his satire is at once on-target and deftly comical”

The News Herald: “A tender, beautifully written play, all the while offering clever lines that are caustic when warranted and humorous when needed most”

The Sacramento Bee:  “Coble’s taut script continually finds drama and subtle tension in the story”

Boise Weekly: “Coble’s dialogue is both playful and touching and had the audience not only laughing, but nodding their heads with understanding”

Cleveland Jewish News: “Both tender and achingly funny, what makes Coble’s play more than a steady stream of laughs is its piercing honesty”

Centerstage Chicago: “A dark, riveting story that will inspire post show discussions between parents and children”

DC Metro Theatre Arts: “Tender yet heartbreaking… Coble creates a great sense of urgency with only two visible characters”

The Leaf Chronicle: “The absolute funniest show that I have seen in a long time… the cranberry marinated chicken was also, as always, moist and delicious.”

The News-Herald: “The best part of the evening is leaving the theatre.”